Color Contrast

A complete accessibility utility for iOS and macOS.

Evaluate your designs for accessibility against WCAG 2.x for free.

No need to download multiple plugins for Figma, Figjam, Sketch, Adobe XD, and every browser that has ever existed - as Color Contrast works at the OS level, all apps and websites are automagically supported.

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WCAG Compliance
Use Color Contrast to measure the contrast between two colours in any iOS app screen or mobile webpage. Ensure your app meets the internationally recognized recommendations in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), for both versions 2.1 and 3.0 (Silver).
Color Suggestions
Unlike like other accessibility tools that only tell you when you have failed, Color Contrast assists you with smart suggestions. Choose color combinations that comply with accessibility contrast guidelines.
Automated testing
Discover how well your app or mobile webpage aligns with other accessibility guidelines, not just color contrast. Run AXE  automated tests to gain an overview of all outstanding accessibility issues.
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About Accessible Resources

We provide tools and resources that help solve web accessibility issues. We empower developers, product designers and researchers to create accessible experiences that are delightful for everyone.

Our team combines experience from leading brands such as Google, Apple and Spotify.

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